Content Curation More Valuable Than Content Creation

What is content curation? How is it different from content creation? Which is more important?

Content Curation vs. Content Creation! Tons of print out there about this topic, and a few fundamental questions emerge: (1) What exactly IS content curation? (2) What’s the difference between Content Creation and Content Curation? (3) Which is more important? (4) Is it true that “if you don’t have time or resources for creating original content, you should then use the cheaper, quicker, easier option of content creation”? (5) Is Content Curation really just a nice name for scraping and plagiarizing?
As Content Marketing practice matures and develops, it’s always “worth it” to keep answering these same questions, giving better, more creative answers. I have addressed some of these questions in previous posts, but today I just want to look at ONE of these fundamental questions: which skill, creation or curation, is more valuable in the digital space?

First: What is Content Curation?

In answering that basic question, I have to first say a couple words about what I MEAN by “content curation”. It is NOT “easy peasy”, for it is not a mechanical, machine-generated product that simply finds content already in existence, and provides a link to that content. Content curation, as I have defined it elsewhere, is the art of pulling together information, boiling it down, and presenting it in an easy-to-absorb format for the specific people that are most in need of having that information.