120 Percent Internet Data Usage Up In North America

Sandvine Global Report: Internet Data Usage Up 120 Percent In North America
Netflix continues to dominate North American fixed networks with 33 percent bandwidth share
Waterloo, ON; November 7, 2012 –Sandvine, (TSX:SVC; AIM:SAND) a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for fixed and mobile operators, today released its Internet traffic trends report, entitled “Global Internet Phenomena Report 2H2012 ”, based on data from a selection of Sandvine’s 200-plus customers spanning North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Caribbean and Latin America and Asia-Pacific.
Major findings from Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Report include:
Global data usage
  • Mobile networks: The world leader of mobile data consumption is Asia with a mean monthly usage of 659 MB, up 10% in the last six months
  • Fixed networks: Mean monthly data usage has increased by 120% from 23GB to 51GB in the past year on North American fixed line networks [51GB is equivalent to 81 hours of video]
“There is only one digital network being built today and that is the Internet,” said Dave Caputo, CEO, Sandvine.  “With a 120% growth rate there is no doubt that more communications service providers will be launching application-based pricing plans that provide cost certainty and a consistent quality of experience for high-demand applications. Understanding the application make-up of a network is a critical first step in launching new services.”
Video streaming 
  • In Europe, YouTube represents more than 20% of peak period downstream traffic on mobile networks 
  • Netflix dominates North American fixed networks accounting for 33% of peak period downstream traffic 
  • Other video services on North American fixed networks include Amazon (1.8% of peak period downstream traffic), Hulu (1.4%) and HBO Go (0.5%)
“Audio and video streaming account for 65% of all downstream traffic from 9pm-12am and half of that is Netflix traffic [on North America fixed networks].   Prioritizing real-time applications like live audio and video is critical to maintaining a high quality of experience.  Sandvine’s video quality metrics, including display and transport quality, will be key to understanding the impact of major events like the 2014 World Cup which will likely be the most streamed event in Internet history,” said Mr. Caputo.

Sandvine : Sandvine Global Report: Internet Data Usage Up 120 Percent In North America